“First” Blog Post

Okay, here we go again. You see folks, I’ve had a blog before and it was a lovely blog. I put a lot of time and energy into my posts. My blog had wonderful followers who would leave engaging and thought-provoking comments on my posts. I adored that blog and every single one of my followers. But that blog was taken from me. Are y’all ready for a little background on me? Let’s call me Adeline, by the way. Well ready or not, here comes some background information.

I’m dating a guy. Let’s call him Russell. Russ is great and all and probably “the one” for me but he’s not “obsess over for 6 or 7 years” great. At least I don’t think so. But his ex-girlfriend certainly does. Yup. His ex-girlfriend, let’s call her Amy, has persistently stalked him and his family and all his girlfriends (which now means me) ever since their obviously-well-merited breakup 6 or 7 years ago. They dated for only 1 year by the way. Does that make her obsession better or worse in your opinion?


Amy found my blog. How? I have no idea. Literally not one clue as to how she realized I was writing a blog in the first place and then managed to actually find said blog. It’s not connected to my Facebook or my Instagram, I didn’t tell any friends or family about it, and within the blog itself, I was vague regarding identity-confirming-specifics like my age or where I lived or what my occupation was. The fact that she found my blog and was able to confirm that it was mine is some serious NSA/CIA shit. They should consider hiring her. Or locking her up. My preference is for the latter but hey, I’m not gonna tell the Feds how to do their jobs.

So yeah, Amy found my blog. And she wrote on one of my posts that she was actively deciding how to ruin my relationship and my life. Or maybe it was “destroy” my relationship and my life. I think that was her verb of choice, “destroy”. She made sure to promise me, just in case I doubted her, that she certainly could destroy and/or ruin my relationship and my life. As if stalking me and my boyfriend and our friends/family for the last several years wasn’t enough, she has something else up her sleeve. Oh Amy, you over-achiever you.

Anyways, I decided that instead of fueling her fire with an expletive-filled response or a pointed passive-aggressive post (ahem, like this one), it would be best to simply delete my blog. Life lesson: You should never engage with crazy. Always back away from the crazy.

So here I am, starting a new blog filled with fake names and even vaguer (more vague?) references to identity-confirming-specifics like my age (I’m 20-30), where I live (the United States), and what my occupation is (employed). Good luck finding this blog, Amy. Oh and I hope that your plans to ruin and/or destroy my relationship and life are coming along swimmingly!

For those of you who aren’t Amy- Welcome to my new blog. I’m Adeline (I’m really not but let’s just roll with that). I’ll be using this blog to talk about this or that, nothing earth-shaking or mind-blowing, just normal ol’ musings on my life and such. Hopefully you find me to be marginally interesting. I personally think I’m a hoot but I know that I’m a tad biased.

Anyways, enjoy! I look forward to getting to know y’all.

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